The India Open Data Association (IODA)

The India Open Data Association (IODA), is a platform which promotes and supports different open data initiatives in India. It’s an association of various Indian companies, enthusiasts, research institutes and academic departments, all with a keen interest in putting open data into mainstream.

It follows the principle of:

Data > Knowledge > Action

IODA has been designed with the principle aim of collecting data and making it publicly available in an easy-to-use and understandable format. Visualization is the key for us. Only then “data” can generate public awareness and trigger action to solve the problems which are of deep public interest. Open data initiatives in India have remained more or less confined towards presenting the collected information in a raw format. The key essence that has been missing so far is to create individual and collective knowledge out of this data which can then ultimately promote a sound action within the society.

The association believes that the problems of the society and their solutions can be deeply understood from the society itself. Apart from the issues the association is currently focusing on, any new initiative of open-data which you feel the association should pursue in the future is deeply welcomed. Kindly submit your idea with the required details and we shall surely connect with you at the earliest.

To know more about IODA, please visit our Wikipedia page.