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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

– Hellen Keller

Why contribute?

IODA is based on the concept of an ‘open sandbox’ – where we design an idea and present it in a structured format and allow others users to play around with it using their creativity. At IODA, you receive an opportunity to pitch your own idea and work with the community to build it bigger or contribute to a project using your knowledge and expertise.

Why bring ideas?

Every IODA project represents a unique idea aimed at promoting the cause of open data in India. We believe that no idea is good or bad. Every idea can be worked upon and turned into reality collectively. Presenting your idea to the IODA community initiates a discussion on its varied aspects which in turn only helps you witness more avenues you can pursue with the community’s support to make it a successful project.

What makers can do?

It goes unsaid that every idea and project needs the right combination of unique skills and ideas which only comes from diverse individuals – which includes you too. Your knowledge and skills can help us to steer the project in the right direction to maximise impact.

How your investment grow?

We believe in engaging the best stakeholders and makers from the community ensuring the best usage of every penny of what you help us with. As an idea develops into a successful and sustainable project, it would garner abundant support justifying your investment. Given the potential for change open data holds, there would be more reasons than one justifying investment.