The Open Environment Data Project

Purpose: The open ecosystem for monitoring and dissemination of real time status of environment

Ideator: Mrutyunjay Mishra

Convenient conceptual frameworks may not be adequate enough to address the growing problem of air pollution. Although these tactics may appear to be easily accessible and comfortable in practice, however, presence of uncertainty and incomplete nature of knowledge may hinder the process of applying custom-based solutions to big problems like ‘Making Air-Quality Better’. Only through complete knowledge about a situation, can an individual have the required capability to address and possibly contain the issue. Absence of proper knowledge cannot result in sound and productive action to curb any issue of immense public concern. One has to have full knowledge about the problem, in order to bring about a holistic change within the society. W.Ross Ashby famously said, ‘only variety destroys variety’.

We have a complex problem in hand and it requires a complex solution, not a complicated solution. This is only attainable through access to different forms of knowledge about the situation in hand.